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Why Me?

Where am I? This isnt my home

Wheres my man friend, whym I alone?

What is this metal that encloses me tight?

Where is my momma? This just cant be right!

How did I get here? This isnt my yard.

And why does it smell of burnt feathers and lard?

I see humans talking, of what I dont know

They open my cage, and away I go

Humans in lab coats hook probes to my head

The pain is so immense, I wish I were dead

What is this pink stuff they drip into my eyes?

Are they deaf to my pain filled, pleading cries?

I cant see now, and I cant feel my paws

Im pretty sure theyre breaking numerous laws

But it may be a mistake, a mistake that Im here

My man will be here soon, so theres nothing to fear

I want to go home, back to my place

I dont want to have chemicals dripped in my face

The pain has been dulling, and I feel sort of light

Maybe in the end this will turn out alright

Now they lay me on a cold table, slicing open my skin

What did I do to merit the situation Im in?

Is it because I chewed the rug, or chased the neighbors cat?

I promise I wont do it again if you take me back!

Theyre yanking my ears, and sawing at my bones

Seemingly oblivious to my morbid, whimpering moans

Now I smell flowers, like the ones back at the farm

I think Im dying now, no need for alarm

God is finally welcoming me into his embrace

As He has done to so many of my race

Who were, are, and will be given to man

To serve as test dummies for a new shampoo brand.

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I like it! Horrible but good haha. Only change I'd make is 'momma' to mother or something. (maybe because I'm english and hate words like that anyway >.>)

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Did you know that animallover is looking for animal rights related poems to make up a poem book. The thread is on this page.

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Well, honestly, I think you're pretty good at rhyming. But I would change some of the word choices, some of them are weird, like 'man friend' and 'momma'.
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