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The four five colt smokes the microphone provokes<br><br>
Wars that dust hope fifty million thunderbolts one jolt<br><br>
Left you broke my text blazing producing degradation<br><br>
Lives keep wasting while im searching for explanations<br><br>
Your aching, one renegade two grenades half a terrorists rage<br><br>
Terror in a page i just made a violent murder marinade<br><br>
Sing death serenades to victims my precise vision<br><br>
Slices wisdom then feeds knowledge thru out prisons<br><br>
Stong convictions spitting with sharks teeth tougue sparks heat<br><br>
I bark, the chief, indian blood, do the camel clutch, iron shiek<br><br>
Iron geeks with my titanium brain the left sides insane<br><br>
Thoughts switch lanes ideas arent contained in my frame
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