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Silver Lake has the world's largest concentration of wintering Canada geese. The city administration has promoted the feeding of the geese as a tourist attraction for decades. Due to hunting outside city limits, fishing at Silver Lake, and open water at the lake year-round, there are large numbers of crippled and wounded geese at the lake. They have been able to survive thanks to the kindness of Rochester residents and visitors.

Beginning April 1, 2007, the city administration is planning to create a 30-foot wide buffer zone around the shoreline using native grasses and plants. They will also ban the feeding of geese, shake eggs, and increase hunting beyond the usual hunting seasons. They are also considering rounding up and sending to slaughter flightless geese during the molting season.

These new policies will be detrimental to all the geese, but particularly to the significant numbers of crippled geese. These crippled geese will suffer greatly and starve to death.

Please CLICK HERE for more information about this issue.

We have just created a petition to try and help save the crippled geese. Please CLICK HERE to sign it and forward it to all your friends.

Choo Choo Love

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