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I am going out with my friends on saturday (it is now thursday night). The only problem... They want to go out for yum cha! I have to admit, I havn't had it since after I announced to my parents I wanted to go veg, and while i still eat the meat mum cooks for dinner, the idea of eating it anywhere else in NOT appealing. In fact, I really can't wait to become a legal adult, and stop eating it. But anyway, back to my dilemma...

I don't remember if there are any veg dishes in yum cha, so this is working on the presumption that there aren't. My friends quite simply think that going veg is a stupid idea, and so they aren't going to take a suggestion to not go to yum cha just because I don't feel comfortable eating meat. I know no vegetarians to back me up. I know no vegetarians full stop. I don't want to be seen eating meat, because then they will think I am not serious. I want to be with them, though, because although there is grief about this, they are normally the most fun, sweet people to be with. I don't want to cause tension between us because of this, either. There are about 15 of us, so no chance of turning everyone's mind to the classic food court with the veggie shop then a walk around the various clothes shops. Oh, and I also hate going to the seafood restaurants because of the filthy conditions of the tanks and they way you watch them fish out your dinner and show it to you, still alive... disgusting. So guess where we're going.

So, if you have any ideas of how to not create tension and get around this mega dilemma, then I need them fast and they would be much appreciated. Above all, I don't want anybody to feel forced into something, because two wrongs don't make a right.

Or, if you have any names of the various dishes which are vegetarian in yum cha, that would be a whole lot easier.
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