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The Dolfinarium has kept Morgan for more than one year in a highly unsuitable tank and has distributed misleading information about her. Now its latest action is to turn a wild orca into an animal of entertainment. Should Morgan end up in Loro Parque, her chance of freedom will vanish. By sending Morgan to Loro Parque, the conclusion of the international orca scientists that rehabilitation and release is the best option for Morgan is completely ignored. The Orca Coalition is incredulous at this latest turn of events, and is appealing to the court to prevent Morgan from being exported. Unfortunately having a good lawyer for Morgan is not free, so we need donation to give Morgan the best chance in court. Will you help us in financing her (Morgan) freedom?

The campaign for the release of orca Morgan is urgently in need of funds to cover legal fees. The coalition of organisations who are fighting Morgan's corner need to raise 7,000 (~USD $10000) within the next 10 days to finish the court action and regain the young killer whale her freedom. Mark Wijngaarden, orca Morgan's lawyer, believes the Orca Coalition has a strong case, please see his statement below.


In the case of orca Morgan I inform you as follows:

The recently issued export permit for the Dolfinarium is the heart of this case. So far, we have demanded that the Dolfinarium follows the conditions under which the permit to keep orca's for rehabilitation has been issued. We demand rehabilitation. If we do not sue the Ministry seperately for the export permit now, the transfer of Morgan to Tenerife will be legal, and it is likely she will be exported quite soon. After that, Dutch courts have nothing to say about the matter anymore, because Morgan will have left the Netherlands and cannot be rehabilitated here anymore.

I do think we have a strong case right now. We have a lot of expertise spent on the case, legal and biological expertise, and Morgan's legal situation is strong. Both international and European law demand that Morgan can only be exported if there are no options and the lack of options must be scientifically undisputed. With all our expertise brought to court I really do not think that the Ministry can uphold the fact that Morgan's 'need' for captivity is undisputed. So yes, we have a strong case, so far stronger than the Ministry or the Dolfinarium.

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently,

Kind regards,

Marq Wijngaarden
Attorney for the Orca Coalition


What you can do to help?

1) Make a donation:

2) Please also like our facebook page:

3) Share the link and ask others for donations

More information on the website
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