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I have been border-line high cholesterol since my 30s. My mother is on meds for very high cholesterol. I'm 52 now. My overall cholesterol has always been around 210-220. It fluctuates a little with my diet, but not much. I get a lot of exercise, and I've been vegetarian for about 16 years.

A friend of mine recommended the over-the-counter Benecol, which is advertised as a product that "significantly lowers cholesterol". When I saw the price, I realized that I would be spending about $5/week. I did some research, and found this in pill form in the health foods section under the name Cholestoff (by Nature's Made). I took 1/2 the recommended dosage (2 tablets instead of 4) for the last year. At 2/day, I get 120 days out of a bottle that costs about $20. And guess what? I visited a Health Fair at work, and my cholesterol was at 159!

Plant Stanols work for me, and there's no side effects, like the prescribed Statins, such as Lipitor. These plant stanols naturally occur in fruits and vegetables, but the quantity in 4 capsules, is four times what one would derive naturally. More evidence that "Plant Products" are the most healthy!
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