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I accidentally bought a plant basesd pot pie with gardein from Walmart about a year ago, could not believe I needed to verify the ingredients because of how much labeling on the front, turns out they used milk... There's no legitimate reason that milk couldn't have been replaced with vanilla hazelnut or almond milk...
Plant based is a lot like the same thing with the word vegetarian, it use to actually mean vegan but industry got involved and slowly over time changed it to mean less and less...
They tell me the point of letting there be some name change is because of how much abuse is directed at "vegans" but how much of that is true and if it is would that really be worth it... to deliberately introduce ambiguity to our language when we already have a word that means 100%? As if the only real reason is to give shade to people who want it to not be 100%... we should not be trying to help people feel comfortable not being vegan...
It feels a lot like taking the advice of 1700s white slave owners on how best to convince them to not be racist...
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