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I absolutely love pizza, especially thin-based Italian style pizzas found in many restaurants in the UK such as PizzaExpress. Giving them up as part of my transition to veganism was, I thought, going to be a challenge.

However, it turned out that earlier this year, PizzaExpress launched their first ever vegan pizza, the Pianta. I happened to try it earlier this month and it is absolutely delicious. It's topped with spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichokes on a spicy arrabbiata base, and is of course cheese free. The lack of cheese is surprisingly not noticeable, and the flavour of the artichokes certainly makes up for it.

PizzaExpress are currently the only major pizza chain in the UK to offer a vegan pizza, but I'm hoping that the others will follow suit. (Zizzi, Prezzo, ASK, Pizza Hut, Bella Italia, Strada, Domino's, easyPizza, etc.)

If you're in the UK and fancy a vegan pizza while out and about, I highly recommend you visit PizzaExpress and order the Pianta. I find it filling enough on its own, but should you wish to order a starter and/or dessert as well, they also make a delicious "Superfood Salad" (order without mozzarella) and dairy-free raspberry sorbet.
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It's good that Pizza Express do a pizza suitable for vegans but I'm disappointed that the menu does not describe it as "suitable for vegans".

It's as though they don't like using the word "vegan". After all, one or two of their long established pizzas can easily be veganised by removing non-vegan toppings, cheese being the obvious one, and replacing them with olives or mushrooms, for example. This is what I've been doing at PE for some years.

Although the pizza bases at Pizza Express are ok for vegans, I'm not sure which of the other pizza chains can make the same claim.

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