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Subject: PIGS FORCED TO DRINK BEER FOR SO CALLED ENTERTAINMENT.-<br><br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><br>
Dear Friends<br><br>
This information was forwarded to us from AAQ &<br><br>
Please contact the RSPCA Tasmania and the Tasmanian Govt to express your disgust and outrage that this type of animal cruelty is allowed and even condoned and used as a promotion for Tasmania. Please let us know what feedback you get from your email/letter. Thanks. I wish this was a joke, but unfortunately, it is all true.<br><br><br><br>
This article is taken from the latest issue of Choose Cruelty Free, Update Issue 44, winter, 2006:The Pub in the Paddock is a Tasmanian institution and has been licensed since 1880. It literally sits in the middle of a paddock in the lush green Pyengana Valley about 30 minutes from the east town of St Helens. What makes it a Tasmanian institution is its beer drinking pig so make sure you offer to supply a drink to Slops thats the pig. These words can be found on the Tourism Tasmania website promoting perhaps the sickest tourist attraction to be found in Australia. Patrons of the pub are encouraged to buy stubbies for the unfortunate pig, imprisoned in a pen behind a sign reading Hi! Geez, Im dry. Id love a beer. When speaking about Slops, the bartender was quoted as stating proudly:<br><br><br><br>
He drank 76 full strength stubbies in one session. Mind you, he fell over after 54, but the little trooper kept on going lying on his side. A tourist described Slops as agitated as he stood there, his lips twitching and black eyes squinting as he tried to seek out more of the amber nectar We quickly put forward another stubbie to ease his pain. This too he slurped down like a pig possessed. Earlier this year animal activists visited the pub.<br><br><br><br>
Unfortunately they arrived too late to help Slops but he had been replaced by Priscilla, already looking unwell from the constant, unsupervised stream of stubbies poured down her throat. The RSPCA was contacted and, although they expressed indignation at such abuse of an animal, they have done nothing to date. It is rumored that Priscilla is to be replaced by yet another pig. It is an unfortunate truth but nothing ever seems to happen for animals unless pressure is brought to bear on authorities.<br><br><br><br>
Please contact the Tasmanian RSPCA at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><br>
and ask that they prevent the publican at the Pub in the Paddock from continuing to make money from such a cheap and offensive tourist attraction<br><br><br><br>
You can view the article for yourself on the Tasmanian Government Website by visiting:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><br>
- Go to the Australian Pubs: Tasmania Section. CCF website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><br>
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