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For some reason I was reminded of this just now. I saw "Pieces of April" (Katie Holmes and Derek Luke) at Sundance this past January, and while it is generally a good film, it ends up making vegans look bad. I'm getting fairly tired of this type of stereotype being portrayed in films. I'm sure there are snotty, surly vegans who behave the way the woman in this film did, but I think showing all vegans that way all the time is becoming the new niche to beat up on, or something, now that gayness is "cool," I don't know.

Anyway, as a filmmaker myself, and an actor, I plan to do everything in my power to promote positive images of vegans, 'cause not only am I plain tired of it, but people need positive images to follow so they won't be turned off on the idea before they ever get the information they need to make an educated choice.

Not sure when the film is being released in theaters, but I thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention in advance.
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