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Time to widen your horizons. Most people dislike veggies because they haven't eaten them prepared properly. Veggies are DELICIOUS and i'm NOT talking the ones that come from cans. I used to be picky too, until I discovered that the way my parents "cooked" vegetables was really the way they RUINED vegetables, lol. Find some recipes online and make some fresh veggie recipes. If you are vegetarian but hate vegetables, you are gonna drive people who want to cook for you nuts, lol. ;-) Good luck on your journey!
Hah yeah same.

my mothers way of cooking any vegetable is boiling it and serving it plain in huge amounts. as much as i like corgettes(er, zuccini?) eating half a plate worth is not good. roasting them with thyme and other veg = mmmmm.

when i went veggie years ago i was determined to show her i DID like vegetables that wasnt potato/raw carrot so forced them down anyway. now i'll eat any hah.

curry is also a good thing to get vegetables, if you like that. and mixed in with pasta sauces
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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