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Phoenix Area Doctor Needed

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Hey Everyone. I'm wondering if anyone in the Phoenix area has a general practice doctor that they really like and can recommend. I recently went in for a check up, since I hadn't had one in over ten years, and I went to a guy recommended by a friend. My friend told me that this doctor was not your typical drug peddler, as most doctors are, IMO. He was a nice enough guy, but literally all he did was send me in for blood-work (more on that in a bit). Despite the fact that my grandfather died of a heart attack when he was 45, and that cancer runs in my family, he just said that at my age (42) and with my vegan diet, that I didn't have anything to worry about. He then went on and on to tell my how he could never live without porterhouse steaks, and yet he was unable to offer me any advice on maintaining optimal health on a vegan diet. Clueless. But to top it all off, they never sent me my blood-work results. I waited and waited... nothing. I called and asked them to send me the results... nothing. I called again... nothing.

Needless to say, I need a new doc. Male or female is okay. Any suggestions?
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