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PETA's Anti-Burberry Campaign

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For a man who thinks that PETA are a bunch of [CENSORED] [CENSORED], who treat us like [CENSORED], their latest campaign is rather good. Aimed at Burberry, it capitalises on the recent image problems faced by the brand acquiring a downmarket slant.

I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but PETA - Well done on making me laugh!
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Haha, I hate PeTA, but I gotta admit, that made me laugh.
I'm clearly too old (only 30) or too American to understand that.
Originally Posted by denise1021 View Post

I'm clearly too old (only 30) or too American to understand that.
Haha, too American, chavs are pretty much a UK thing...lucky us...
Whilst I agree with the petition's sentiments, I think that a British chav would say 'tartan' not the American 'Plaid.'

I why the f**k can't I sign up unless I give my DOB, especially when it's required in that arse-about American format, innit?
Made me giggle, and I showed my friends and it made them laugh too - whilst also introducing them to anti-fur / AR ideas. So it's all good!
I have one complaint about it. The petition is clearly UK-based, so why do I have to enter the date backwards like on American sites?
I've had to delete this because I've been asked to edit it - but without being written the way it was, it wouldn't make sense in relation to the topic
you gotta love it. Although I can't condone peta.
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