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I'm with bstutzma. Take a test, and then you will know for sure! It's important to start using two methods of birth control, so make sure to talk to your doctor about that.

Until you are able to get a test, try to stop worrying and stressing yourself out.

ETA: Oh, and you're not being annoying by posting threads to ask questions. That's why the Women's Forum is here.

Also, if it's any consolation, a condom is 98% effective at prevented pregnancy if used PERFECTLY. That means it fits correctly, it doesn't break or slip off, it doesn't have any punctures, etc... (It's also assuming the condom wasn't defective.) Keep that in mind until you are able to find out for sure with a pregnancy test. If you used the condom correctly, and because you have your period right now, I'd guess that your chances of being pregnant are extremely slim.
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