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I don't live in PA, but I live about an hour across the Ohio/PA state line. If there are PA VBers who want to get together in, say, Pittsburg, I'm game!
YEAH PHILLY! Represent!!! Oh man, I can't wait until February(ish) when I move up to the city... Best city in the union, easily...
Where are you moving to Max? I've been all around the city. I've lived at 44th and Walnut, 10th and Pine, 39th and Lancaster( at the Killtime, they have some good shows) 48th and Walton, and 19th and Catherine. You drink right? Have you ever been to the little store on 10th and Pine, The Foodery? Best selection of beer around, lots of really good imports.
Originally posted by punkmommy

You drink right?
Only when I'm awake. I'll be checking out the Foodery next time I'm up there... I love beer selections. Elephant & Castle in Center City is my fave' for its british/euro beers on tap *lick*

I'll probably be moving to the city to go to Temple for grad school. I say "probably" because I might get into one of the few programs that I'd actually chose over it, but that's so highly unlikely that I'm almost certainly going to be in Philly. I'm hoping to live Center City'ish unless I get two of my peep's to get a house in Manayunk with me...
I use to work at an Irish bar on 20th and Walnut called The Bards. It's a great place ( except late weekend nights, unless you're into drunk Warton students...shivers)check it out if you're looking for an unpretentious bar. I miss the Foddery, my favorites are the big ol' Quebecer beers, La Fin Du Monde and Maudite, quality AND quantity. But they have all kinds, plus, you can mix sixes. Some other great bars in Center City/Old City area in case you're interested- Fergies, Tattooed Moms, Sugar Moms, Chaucers and Doobies.
Punkmommy, I just feel like saying this. It seems to me that asking Max whether or not he drinks is tantamount to asking a musician whether s/he likes music.
Which is exactly why I said it, Max!
Just wanted to promote our local veg organization's (CARE) Veggie Fest. It's June 21st here in West Chester at Hoopes Park. There's food, info tables and games for kids. If anyone wants more info, let me know.
What are some good restaurants in Philly for both vegetarians and omnis I should try? I might be going down to visit my friend in a few weeks and I doubt she goes out to eat very much.
There are some great places in Chinatown. Singapore is defenitly one of the best (9th and Race, or in that vicinity ). What type of food are you looking for, or in what part of the city, maybe I could help you more.
I live in Erie, Just below Lake Erie. I don't really think theres any vegan or vegetarian restaurants around here. I might be wrong, i dunno. But i like it here, it's surrounded by country, and it's really pretty. We have a great mall, best one i've ever been to, even when i go to like florida and stuff, i still like ours. But i guess that depends on what you like. There's actually not much variety in being a vegan here. Theres just the same stuff at every store, Soymilk, tofu, and fruits and veggies. I hear theres a health food store somewhere around here that sells organic and vegan food, but i've never been there. So if anyones getting together join me in. I'd love to actually meet other vegans.
Originally posted by punkmommy

There are some great places in Chinatown.

Also, if you're in Center City, there are a few on Rittenhouse and down Walnut Street that are great brunch joints with a few, at least, vegetarian options. Cosi on Walnut Street is a nice Coffeeshop/sandwhich joint where a certain VBer (me) often camps out on a Sunday AM with the Times and some homework.
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I'm moving to überjewville I mean Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh.... uh huh.... in August.. officially.
Originally posted by I r produce

omfg max you are so hot.....
omfg, I'm blushing.

Where the heck have YOU been, anyways?
anyone know of some veggie restaurants in harrisburg? im going to go visit my dad, thought it would be cool to introduce him to some decent food.
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