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Rosie the chimp's rocky road in life took another bad turn recently.

After being taken from her mother before age 1, she was anesthetized or immobilized about 100 times and stuck with a stainless steel needle for kidney biopsies at a research center in New Mexico, according to her medical record. In 2000, she was granted a semi-retirement from the rigors of lab research, but last year the National Institutes of Health ordered her back.

Now a group of activist physicians are saying enough is enough. On Tuesday, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine said that it plans to file a legal petition asking the NIH to return Rosie and 13 other chimpanzees to the Alamogordo Primate Facility at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, where they were immune from experiments.

"They were old. They had disease. They were already used up," said John Pippin, senior medical and research adviser for the physician's group. "The research is cruel and unproductive"... Studies have shown that chimpanzees are poor models for cancer and AIDS research, and their usefulness for hepatitis research - which they would be part of at the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio - is in dispute. The United States is the only developed nation where medical experiments on chimps are ongoing, activists said.'"

And what a great research subject Rosie is:

As early as age 8, she suffered from seizures after being placed under anesthesia, according to a veterinarian who reviewed her heavily redacted medical record, obtained from NIH following a Freedom of Information Act request. Rosie continued to suffer seizures under anesthesia for 11 years, the vet, Mel Richardson, wrote in a synopsis of her medical record. Her current condition is "at-risk," "due to her extreme morbid obesity," he wrote before recommending that she be returned to New Mexico.
I hope these researcher-monsters AND their supporters have the painful, lonely death they so willingly inflict on these animals. They're the modern Nazi researchers.
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