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Hi guys, this is a pretty embarrassing first post on these boards but I really need some advice. I've just been diagnosed with pcos - polycystic ovary syndrome, which means irregular periods, acne and some excess hair on my face and stomach
Although many women with the syndrome can be overweight and have problems with high blood sugar I'm a normal weight and have perfect blood sugar readings. My doc has pretty much said that as I have the syndrome quite mildly no medical intervention is required, the best thing I can do apparently is not stress over it as it's really common etc. and because my health over all is great it will probably not cause any long term issues. My problem is that I've read many reports online saying that low carb diets are very beneficial for managing the symtoms of pcos and as I've been veggie for six years for deeply held ethical reasons I don't know what I could replace the carbs with.

Any advice welcome, El.
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