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If you weren't able to watch the video above, the idea of PPV is that you give people a dollar in exchange for them watching a 4 minute video. The video is graphic footage of factory farms and slaughterhouses, all which is routine in the business. And then you ask them to pledge to eat fewer animal products.

We just did our first Pay Per View event for my local group, Vegas Veg. Here's how it went in case anyone reading is interested in doing this kind of activism.

We set up on a touristy pedestrian area with a small table, two laptop, four headphones, and signs and pamphlets.

It felt like we got a bit of a slow start. No one wanted to come up to the table. People made strange excuses that literally didn't make sense. But then it picked up and we were busy the whole time.

39 people watched the film. We paid out 35 people. A few donated their dollars back. Two were angry and wouldn't take the dollar or any pamphlets. Most people were
moved and most promised to eat fewer animal products but also gladly took the dollar they "earned" by watching the video. One woman called it a "guilt buck."

We had a group of homeless Vietnam vets, two of whom had worked in slaughterhouses. They said the carnage was comparable to what they'd seen in war. All the vets were moved, but only some of them agreed to eat fewer animal products.

We had some issues with the security. They we sympathetic and polite, but they told us point blank that "we were attracting homeless people" and implied that was a bad thing. To us, eople are people and a group of homeless people around something,
talking and getting excited attract others to come see what's going on nd so then more people come to watch the video...

Besides, we'd never get such a great anecdote as the Vietnam vets gave us if we'd excluded the homeless vets from our table!

Having three people to work the event was crucial. I don't think it can be done with only 2 people. More than three would have been great. I wished we had 4 or 5 people working the event.

2 hours is a good time. We were getting tired and losing focus after that. And one of our laptop batteries died. So 2 hours is perfect.

Here are some pictures -

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Thanks for posting this. I want to start as an activist, and before i go into event coordination and such I will be volunteering so that i get an idea of what it is and make more impact/contribution in the future. My first event is a FARM Pay Per View this thursday at a university. at the end our group talks to them and gives them a sheet where they give us the email and say how close to vegan they pledge to go. Did you do it too? how was that working? how did you approach people to get them to watch it? did you talk to them after about what they saw?
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