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Have you any of you heard of him? What do you think of him if you have?

This came up in a hunting debate. Some guy posted about him, thinks he's great. I hadn't heard of him, so I looked him up. His site has some pretty words. He talks, and talks, and it's all nice stuff... but I'm not sure whether he's just full of bull****, or if what he says has credible credence. To look at what he seems to have done you'd think "Wow, what a great guy." :? Don't believe everything you read though. So... I did see - while searching him up - several published articles on him, some bad, some good. Of course, the bad is expected to everything. Whom to believe though? And who better to ask than nature lovers? ^_^

Okay, this site isn't exactly great.:p Has some good points in it though.

Wikipedia on him. This is on Wikipedia too, you should read it as well. Interesting I thought.


Truth is a leaky thing.

Interesting stuff.

Quotes of his. I thought they were funny.

These are the first sites on him that popped up in Google.
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