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Ever since I became vegetarian I have been craving what I thought was parmesean crusted chicken (like from Noodles & Co. or Shake'n'bake), but then I realized just becaue I don't eat meat anymore doesn't mean I still can't have parmesean crusted food. I decided to try my hand at recreating the 'chicken' with tofu. I didn't follow any type of recipe.. I just kind of threw everything together.

I got the extra firm cubed tofu that came in a plastic tub. (The groceries here aren't known for their veggie foods!) Since it comes packed in water, you have to drain it and pat it as dry as possible. I put whatever I didn't use in the freezer.

In a bowl, I put the tofu with enough olive oil to coat all of the tofu.. It was about a tbsp or a little less.

In the bowl, I mixed parmesean cheese (they make a soy version) with the tofu. The parmesean cheese should just stick to all sides of the tofu- so don't over-do it! If there's a large surplus than just shake some off and dispose of the excess parmesean.

Then, add some garlic & herb seasoning (we didn't have fresh garlic- or use garlic powder), a small amount of onion diced up fine (or onion chips), some pepper, a pinch of parsely and a pinch of basil.

Give it a stir.

Now, tofu tastes better when the flavors have time to really soak in. I actually prepared in the evening, and used it for lunch the next day. I'm sure it would be okay if you used it right away, but I highly recommend letting it 'maranade' for awhile.

Seal the bowl and set it in your fridge until you are ready to use it.. either later that night or within the next day.

I just cook my tofu by using the skillet. It's easy to burn, so set your burner for medium heat. Throw some olive oil in the skillet, and put your tofu in. It's best to let one side cook first.. should go from white to a very light crisp brown. Kinda like toast
Then flip them over and let the other sides cook. For this I usually toss just a little bit more parmesean cheese on top, so it melts and gets that 'crust' on top.

I like to put this in with some pasta. It tastes really good with mac-n-cheese and alfredo sauce. (I haven't gone vegan yet, just recently turned vegetarian) I'm sure it would go well with spaghetti sauce, but I wouldn't know- I despise that tomato sauce (along with ketchup!!!).

I also think that if you can find tofu that isn't cubed, it could be used just by itself with some side dishes. It is absolutely delicious, and I think it could fool anyone who is anti-tofu!

YAY Tofu!!
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