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So I got the Veggie DeLITE pizza at Papy Murphy's TakenBake with a friend. Its made on a really thin crust, has a garlic sauce instead of tomato sauce, some motzerella cheese (not vegan friendly), tomatos, spinach, and mushrooms. The whole advertising of the DeLite pizzas is that thier lower in carbs and calories than the normal pizzas because the crust is so thin (150 calories for 1/10 of a pizza). I tried it because I'm trying to incorperate more "danger" foods that I like pre-ana, so this was a babystep.

MY overall impression of the pizza was good

-Crust the instructions say to bake the pizza without the cardboard bakign sheet (straight on the oven) for the last few minutes for a crispier crust. I would suggest this. Before we took off the cardboard, it was kind of limp except of the edges. After baking it by itself for afew mroe minutes, its was perfect. I love thin crust pizzas. This is a really thin crust, so if thats you things, you love it. Otherwise, I'd suggest trying thier gourmet veggie in a pan crust (my mommy likes it, I've never tried)

-SAuce The garlic sauce instead of the tomato sauce was amazing! Yummy!

-Toppings I could go for less cheese next time. At Papa Murphy's, they make the pizza in front of you and customize it, so thats easily solved. There were a decent amount of veggies, but I've always liked to go heavy on those types of toppings, so I may ask for more mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach next time.

Everything blended really well in the pizza and if I'm getting pizza again, I'd definetly do it. It was pretty cheap, 8.99 US for a large (7.99 for me with my coupon from my junk mail) and we cut the large into 10 slices. Also, at my Papa Murphy's, there was a really cute guy working there, which is always a plus
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