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Many of you may not realise that by buying products that have PALM OIL in it , it is contributing to the destruction of the rainforests.

The following links explain it better than I can lol,00.html

I pinched this from somebody else on another forum board as it was such a great post :

regarding boycotts etc., please do not sit back and wait for Friends of the Earth or one of the Orangutan charities to tell you which products to avoid - please be a CONSIDERATE CONSUMER!!

STEP 1: check the ingredients of the products you intend to buy for any palm oil or unnamed vegetable oil (this is typically a mix of different oils with the main constituent being palm nut oil).

STEP 2: contact the RETAILER of the product and ask if they can prove the palm oil is from a sustainable source. regardless of the retailers response, make them aware of your concern and that you do not wish to buy products that contain oil from malaysian/indonesian plantantations that are not proven to be harmless to orangutan habitat. if they do not know about it, tell them about the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil and ask them to join. you can see on the website, which companies have signed up.

STEP 3: contact the MANUFACTURER of the product (regardless of the response from the retailer) and communicate the same concerns.

STEP 4: boycott any product where the manufacturer or retailer are not interested in making sure they use sustainable oil.

if each consumer were to do this, then the manufacturers and retailers would get the message and understand why their products won't sell anymore if they do not take care where they source the ingedients.

writing letters (e.g. of complaint to Morrisons etc.) all helps(Tesco was finally convinced to join the RSPO)

maybe a peaceful protest outside these supermarkets would gain some worthy attention as well (a bit difficult for me personally as i am in indonesia now on the way to volunteer directly for the Orangutan Foundation).

vote with your pennies, but also make your opinion heard!

other websites of interest: Sumatran Orangutan Society FoE/APE Alliance Friends of the Earth FoE report on palm oil (PDF) info & resources from the author of the FoE report and coordinator of SOS UK WWF infos the Orangutan Foundation the BOS Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation the Ape Alliance
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