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Ok my mum has decided to go on the Atkins diet. I always thought Veg*s couldn't go on that diet but apparently they can - on a hugely reduced diet.

My mum isn't Veg*n but it worries me that she's decided to go to this extreme. My mum loves carbs: bread, potatoes etc and usually eats really healthy food. But because of her thyroid problem she finds it hard to loose weight and keep it off. She isn't big at all (size 14-16 Aust sizes) but I know she feels that way.

So anyway today was her first day and she had bacon, eggs, and mushrooms, this horrible decaf coffee, with actual CREAM (not milk) and this sugar substitute. I thought I was going throw up just watching her eat it.
When she finished she looked up at me with this 'little-kid' face - 'I don't know if I can handle this'.

Anyone know anyone on it? I've heard various opinions on whether or not its good/bad but anyone know anyone who has been on it and not had any problems?
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