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I'm ashamed to admit that I was on Adkins for almost 2 years many years ago.

I ate like a horse - I'm talking pushing it to the limit eating.

I lost 44 pounds and kept it off the whole time I was on it.

No matter how much I ate - as long as I was eating the "allowed" foods - I wouldn't gain (I wouldn't lose if I over-did the eating - but never gained).

I went off of it for two reasons. First guilt set in as I was opening myself up to the animal rights issues at that time. Second I missed fruits and grains very much and wanted them back in my life.

I personally had no health problems or symptoms of anything bad the whole time I was on Adkins. I had regular Dr. checkups that came out fine.

It would be extremely difficult to go on this diet at as veggie (and not all that easy for a lacto/ovo vegetarian).

With all that said - naturally I don't recommend the diet based on the amount of animal products you have to consume to be on it.

(I still have a lot of guilt having been on it for so long)
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