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My income is not high, but I get by making a lot of prepared foods at home.<br><br>
I invested in a variety of small blenders, processors, bread machine, etc., and now make my own bread, cheese, hummus, veggie burgers, ice cream, potato salad, cole slaw, bean spread, espresso, and a variety of other stuff I used to buy premade.<br><br>
It usually takes several tries to get each item the way I like it, but once I move down the learning curve it's amazing how quick and easy it all is. I do it on weekends while listening to loud rock music on Pandora.<br><br>
Many of these things taste so much better homemade that I don't want to buy them anymore.<br><br>
Just thought I'd give a little encouragement in case any others are recoiling from sticker shock at the organic market!
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