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Organic Food List Amendment

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Recently I was made aware of a proposed Amendment to the organic food list to include 38 non-organic foods/dyes/etc. Please take a look at the proposed amendment:

Please also comment against this change at by searching for Docket No. AMS-TM-07-0062. Once you have found this particular proposal, please do what you can to prevent the government from allowing the food industry to lie to the general American consumer.

Keep in mind that there are only THREE more days left to comment on the amendment. Please do your part!

Also know that casings from processed animal intestines are included on this new list. So even if you don't care about extra dyes being added to foods or even certain foods being on the list, I bet processed animal intestines don't sound all that appetizing. Just something to think about...

Please comment on the government site! Thanks :)
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I reviewed the list... 3 days, huh? I have a feeling this discussion is just going to a post-mortem analysis of the proposal.

I did not see any indication that these ingredients had to be organic in origin. Let's consider beet coloring for a minute, which is listed as an agricultural product. Does the list mean purple coloring from GMO beets is allowable? Or does it mean beet coloring that is no longer considered organic because it has gone through processing? What're we tossing around here?

Are these ingredients still subject to laws indicating they must be listed in the ingredients if they're contained in the final product? I don't care if intestines and gelatin are considered organic if I can see them listed in the ingredients.
Fructooligosaccharides (CAS # 308066-66-2).
I really want to find a way to use that word in a sentence.

In all seriousness, I agree that the proposal is really vague. I'd be okay with it if the beets they took the coloring from were organic beets, but it doesn't say anything one way or the other.
My understanding of it is that the items listed, all non-organic because of processing, content, or source, are going to be added to the ORGANIC list qualifying them as organic. Having said that, it is also my understanding that the food supplier would not have to actually list said ingredient on the ingredient list if used while processing the food. So, let's say that the company you buy your favorite granola cereal used processed casings from animal intestines in processing the granola (for whatever reason), they would NOT have to list it on the label because it would be considered an organic part of processing though it clearly is not. Although this probably, I hope, would never happen during processing of organic granola cereal it was the quickest example I could think of...not to mention the most disturbing.
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