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we really need a pride smilie... Michael?
So we need to get a clear idea of who is planning/hoping to attend the gathering in Portland in June (that's only 2 months away... we need to make plans... hotel, planes trains and automobiles...)

I'm in!

pretty sure we can count on Jess, Remi and Oregon Amy? kpickell? mikie? who else?
so dudes, check it out...

looks like I'm moving around May 20th.

No portland gathering for me
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Awwwww! That blows

I'm going to be posting some hotel information tomorrow.
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Ok, I checked out a bunch of different hotels in the area of the Oregon Convention Center. These seem like the best option because they are within walking distance of the MAX lightrail and just across the river (a free ride on the Max) from Downtown proper. The rooms averaged between $80-$90 a night for a room with two queen beds. The best deal of the non-roach-motelish seemed to be theDouble Tree at $89.95 per night.
So I just found out today that The Dead are playing at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Bay Area) on Saturday June 26th. This puts SF much higher on my list of priorities, and also adds a significant expense to that part of the trip...

It doesn't seem like a lot of people are interested in doing Portland?

Anyone wanna meet at the Dead show?
has anybody been to the vegan grocery store called foodfight? i havent shopped there yet but around st patricks day i peeked in the window and saw an ad for vegetarian haggis!? its in se portland.
I loooooove Food Fight. They're my local hook up for vegan marshmallows, Vegan Gourmet cheese, and Tings (although Wild Oats started carrying them too). I try to buy stuff there even if I can get it other places too, because I want to support them. The folks that run the store are so cool. I know they had planned to open a vegan clothing store in the space next door, but from what I can tell that has been put on hold.
My boy and I went to Calendula right after it opened. It's sooo yummy, but out of our normal price range. We're going to dress up nice and go again on our anniversary. I wasn't aware of the controversy, but, like you, I'm not all that concerned with the political views of the owner.

Another recent opening has been a vegan chinese place, Vegetarian House. The lunch buffet is cheap, and pretty tasty. When ordering of the menu, I recommend the chicken dishes over the beef. The shrimp fried rice is really good too.
I miss Oregon. Well, not the rain, but the mid-summer dry heat (midwest humidity is horrible!) and hiking in Silver Falls State Park (such a favorite of mine that I actually went up there when I was visiting in November--even though that was when the 'snow storm' was in full swing--waterfalls in winter are lovely).
thanks for the info on these veggie resturants. will definately check out calendula.

i have a good reccomendation for veg friendly chineese.

the golden jade on belmont! seems like they have a infinate amount of meat free choices. at least 20..? lunch entrees are about $4.50 i believe. they have all the nasty meat crap too in case your dining with your omni buddies.

also, the little lunch shack/trailer downtown on the bus mall called a taste of india. i think they have a few locations. open on or about m-f 11-4 only mainly for the businesses. large (((GOURMET)) 5 course veg specials for under $5! if you dont eat dairy just ask them to make the vegetarian special vegan. they will be happy to. their naan is fried in oil instead of butter BTW.
Originally Posted by Jess B View Post

Another recent opening has been a vegan chinese place, Vegetarian House. The lunch buffet is cheap, and pretty tasty. When ordering of the menu, I recommend the chicken dishes over the beef. The shrimp fried rice is really good too.
I dunno, the twice-cooked beef is *delish*!!
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I'm afraid it looks like a west coast trip isn't going to work out for me this year either. $$
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Wow, I just noticed I've been on 4 of the top 5 steel coasters on that list...

Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point 14.9%

Millennium Force, Cedar Point 56.4%

Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America 6.4%

Superman: Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England 9.9%

X, Six Flags Magic Mountain 12.4%

The Superman I went on was at Great America but it's probably the same.
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No worries kpickell, it seems the Portland Gathering idea is pretty well dead.
I misread the name of this thread and I thought it said "POLAND Gathering Discussion." I was a little surprised that there would be a gathering in Poland, which seems like a pretty random place to hold a VB event...
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I'm not sure where I should be posting this, but I wanted to let all Portland area folks know that Dennis Kucinich will be at Food Fight! Grocery TOMORROW the 1st from 1-1:30 pm. Here is the text of the email, at the bottom of which is the address.

Mon Apr 26 2004

Hi again.

Sorry to bug you kids so much lately, but bear with us.

Big fun news for next Saturday, May 1st.

From noon-8pm, we're having a party. A grand opening party, to be

exact, for OTSU ( next door. We need everybody to come

hang out and make them feel welcome and appreciated. If you want to

print out a flyer and put it up somewhere, you can download it from:

And to bribe you into hanging out, we're gonna jump through some hoops

to try and make it fun for all involved.


Here's a few things going on:

DENNIS KUCINICH ( will be here from 1-1:30. He will be

the celebrity judge in our vegan chocolate chip cookie contest. More on

that later in the email. Come give a cheer and a high five to the guy

who should be our next president.

HOT DOG EATING CONTEST, probably around 2 o'clock. Limited number of

space for contestants, email us telling why you feel you could win and

maybe you can earn a place in vegan history.

RAFFLE to benefit the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Salem. Prizes

include dinners and whatever else we can scrap together this week.

SAMPLES of lots of stuff. Not sure what, but some of it will be

grilled. So there.

PIZZA BY THE SLICE will be available to purchase from Kalga Kafe.

And probably some music...probably.


About the chocolate chip cookie contest. Again, numbers of contestants

is very limited, maybe like 5 cookies. So, if you want to enter, email

us soon, and let us know why you think your cookies are so much better

than everybody else. And remember, they have to be VEGAN, including non

bone-char sugar, please keep that in mind.

Ok, thanks again for reading and being our customers and hanging out

and keeping us TOTALLY RICH. You're nice, and we appreciate it.


Chad and Emiko / Food Fight! Vegan Grocery

4179 SE Division

Portland, OR 97202

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