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I love Oregon

Ahh, the trees... the coast! The mountains!!

So much to do, so much to see... so many people driving 45 in the left lane on the two-lane highway to the coast...

amy (who loves oregon, in case you couldn't tell)
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I agree with Amy, it's where I grew up, and it's probably where I'll land someday. I miss it, and you all should go, if ever given the chance.

this is it-oh come on!!

What about the coffee??????

What about the Church of Elvis?

What about the 24 hour pancake house?

What about the best darn selection and quality of microbrews anywhere on the entire planet?????

oh yeah and the scenery is lovely too!!!!!

rain? what rain???
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I live in Oregon. Yeah, the trees, scenery, cool weather, its pretty great here! Not too mention seriously veggie friendly.,

We've also got the Japanese Gardens, Chinese downtown Garden, OMSI, the waterfront...(nevermind that theres S**T in the water!!! We're workin on that though).

Hey, go to, come to the vegan ir vegetarian meetups. Yaaay. The Vegan one is this weekend, noon at Vita Café.
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I used to live in Oregon... had to leave about 2 months ago.. *sigh*. I miss it so so much...
Discuss the (potential) gathering in Portland.
If it happens in Portland in June, I vote for the third weekend, cuz I wanna go to SF Pride the last weekend in June. I could MAYBE swing two weekends...

'twould be way cool in fact. I have good friends in Portland I could stay with!
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I live pretty close to the Portland Airport, just across the river in Vancouver, so I'll be able to pick up anyone who is flying in.
Same here... assuming I'll still be here. That'd suck to miss everyone.

I'd also open my house to anyone who wanted a place to stay. I'm selling it, so as long as it didn't get *totally* trashed, we could pack in a bunch of people... as long as you don't mind sleeping on the floor, as I'll likely have no furniture by then.
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I'd love to go to a Portland gathering.

I wonder how many days it would take to drive 2200 miles. I'd love to make it an extended vacation and hit Seattle again (watch the Mariners play a home game) and even Vancouver (that darn bet). Probably better to just fly out and rent a car. hmmm.
Where are you, again? I forgot. It takes about 3 days to drive from Chicago to Portland.
I don't see why renting a car would be needed, kpickell. Transportation in Portland is excellent. You can take the Amtrack to Seattle (much nicer than driving it) and then transportation is good in Seattle.
Originally Posted by remilard View Post

I don't see why renting a car would be needed, kpickell. Transportation in Portland is excellent. You can take the Amtrack to Seattle (much nicer than driving it) and then transportation is good in Seattle.
He's used to the midwest!
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That is something I thought of. If this thing ever gets off the ground, I would suggest a hotel near the airport. The MAX (light-rail) line runs right up to the airport and into downtown and other outlying areas.

I think we should take a vote from interested parties on a date, since it seems like no one is sure that they'll actually attend.

Oh, and putting this thread here is fine, but is there any way to link it to a more high traffic board? It seems like this forum is a bit dead. I complain too much.
you do complain too much...

3rd weekend of June. done.

(last weekend of June is Pride Weekend in SF, and that's the only way I could maybe do both)

I have friends to stay with in Portland, so I don't have any input on Hotel selection.
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Oh sure Mr. Maybe-I'll-Be-There, we'll just plan everything around you. What a diva!

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There's a relatively new vegan addition to Portland.

Calendula Cafe

I took DH there tonight for his birthday and the food was great! The menu is 100% vegan, much of which is organic and locally-sourced.

Average entree price is $15.

they have raw offerings as well, and note any wheat-free dishes directly on the menu. They have daily specials.

The owner is an ex-ELF member (whether he's "ex" is still up for grabs) so there's been a bit of controversy surrounding the restaurant. But, whatever. I will support a local vegan restaurant regardless of the owner's political views.

I had the pear-and-hazelnut butter lettuce salad (mmm!) and the pasta special (fusilli pasta in a cashew cream sauce with artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, and capers, topped with crispy bread crumbs). DH had the arugula/beet/pickled red onion salad and seitan & root vegetable shepherd's pie. We split a piece of chocolate raspberry cake.

It's on 33rd & Hawthorne and is a great place for a fancy date or a treat. Hooray!

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so here's the deal....

the Portland Pride parade is the 3rd weekend of June. June 19th to be exact. Does anyone have an objection to this? Let's do it!!

If you want to follow up on the whole dealio, by going to SF Pride the following weekend, I hope to be there as well...

Let's make it happen!! Let's do it!!! Let's meet each other (finally in person) and have a grand time in the process!!

I'm ready to party!! who's with me?
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