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If it's just going to be me doing one on one advocacy instead of some operation with a staff, having a simple tabling setup with a chair and a sign inviting a "open philosophy discussion", where it's not a name and others could copycat without a problem...
Plan is to invite everybody from the general public, eventually mix in principles like might does not make right, then directly challenge people on their moral obligations to animals... Having that approach might give a more serious intellectual sense to the campaign but then might also add a lot of additional time not spent on veganism which would produce impatience, risking appearing as a fraud, it would genuinely need to be in the sense of philosophy as a way of life
From the perspective of trying to foster a new democratic population that demands a government with a vegan philosophy, including discussion about education reform, automating the economy, honesty about telepathy, etc would all be in the context of a switch away from a regime that treats it's population like livestock and towards a more principled "land of the free kings" where the government is an interface between equal sovereign... in other words almost all of philosophy can in one way or another be argued to be relevant to veganism
Not sure what is most effective surface level public messaging but I do believe almost everyone requires time alone to reflect on life and morality instead of there being some sudden shock publicly in the moment... I'm curious what the difference would be between something like one of those cube events and a flash mob with a very simple message and link, something like
"Animals Matter Morally, Go Vegan! Join the discussion"
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