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online homeschool help

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my brother, adam dropped out of school when he was 16. its been almost 2 years since hes been to school. my parents and grandmother(living in the same house) have tried to get him to go back but he says he dosnt want to, so they just drop it. they dont seem to care much. my husband and i convinced him that he needs to graduate.adam wants to learn,but he is very nervous about school. we have offered to buy him a computer so he can do online classes(which we did) with my parents approval my husband and i are now responsible for adams education, be it online classes or homeschooling over the internet(we live near seattle they live near chicago)

adam is a smart kid, he just needs guidance. with my parents not caring if he graduates, im worried that this would send him a message that hes stupid or something.

does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? or with homeschooling? any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks
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It is important for a teenager to feel a sense of accomplishment, and graduating will give him that. I think it is amazing that you and your husband have taken on the role of ensuring your brother is educated. Very kind and responsible of you

As for school... is he nervous because of social issues or acedemic issues? Is there a night school or alternate school he could attend?

Correspondence/Online courses are great -- for people with enough discipline. I would say, if he does online, try to come to an agreement that he will work on it for X hours per day, 5 days per week. That way, he doesnt push it off to the side and ignore it.

Good Luck - hope it works out!! And again, you are doing a great thing
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i dont know what the problem with school is, he wont tell anyone. i dont know if he would go to another school(until recently, he wouldnt leave the house even with friends)

the time agreement for working x mount of time sounds good.

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I hope things go well for him. I would look into what homeschooling someone of his age would require...there are so many homeschooling resources online. i have friends who order homeschooling cirriculum online and then follow that. I think this could be great. Good luck and I think it's awesome that you are doing this.

Originally Posted by avocado View Post

(until recently, he wouldnt leave the house even with friends)
Yikes, that sounds serious. When you say that, 2 things immediately come to mind:

A) Someone has threatened him, and he believes that they will make good on their threat.

B) He may be suffering some kind of disorder such as agoraphobia or anxiety?

Hopefully it gets sorted out. See how he feels about switching schools, and try to provide an environment where he may eventually feel comfortable telling you what the problem is.

Good Luck
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he has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (hates the meds and wont take them). today we talked to him to find out his learning style. he essentially told my husband that he dosnt think he can do anything. we have offered him to come and live with us and go to school here, he dosnt want to. at least he knows theres somebody who wont give up on him.

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There are a ton of online schools you can do that are accredited, and a ton of offline schools you can do that are also accredited. My siblings and I all homeschooled, and I honestly do not have a high school diploma. I didn't need one to get into college in Texas.

My oldest brother wants to join the military, so he does need a diploma. He's doing an online highschool right now. They all seem to cost around 1500-2200 a year. Here's some links for a few that offer highschool diplomas:
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some states offer free online courses through online charter schools. i went to high school and graduated with honors, on the internet. it can be done!
thanks everyone for all your help
you have been most helpful.

we have gotten adam started on a curriculum. he is started to get really interested some of the subjects! and he is actually talking about going to college!( bit of a no-no in my family)

thanks again!
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