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This may osund a little extreme, but I think you need to tell him that he should shut the f**k up and actually respect you in some way. I know I may sound a little extreme in my view here, but i think that if he doesn't at least respect your decision, he's not worth having as a boyfriend. I agree completely with rainlily that he should give you respect, or you give him the finger.

Of course, he probably thinks that you're out to convert him. You shoudl make it clear to him that by respect, you mean that he shouldn't argue with you, and then provide the same old ****ty arguments that even OJ Simpson wouldn't be able to get away with, and that you don't mean that he must change his diet.

Obviously, veganism is a huge part of your life, and so is your boyfriend, which is why I think that the ultimatum idea is the best way to go about it. The worst case scenario is that he will get p*ssed off at you and leave you. This is one reason not to do it, so before you blame me for screwing up your relationship, I must warn you that if he's narrow minded, then it may get nasty. But hopefully, he'll get the point.

The issue of kids is a tough one. I'm in no position to say that I can relate, since Im a young fella, so I'd suggest that you sort it out between the two of you once he's learned some maturity. If he starts ranting, or going on about steaks and stuff, give him the finger, and move to a different room, and tell him to stop being an arsehole. That would be one way to settle it.

And BTW, have you checked out because I think that you'll find it very interesting. It deals with the issue of omnis dating vegans from the omni's point of view.
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