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Vegetarian sources of omega-3, that I know of, are:

-Flaxseeds (largest amount of omega-3 of any food)

-Flaxseed oil

-chia seeds (very expensive where I live)

-hemp seeds

-hemp oil

-English walnuts ("walnuts" in the US)

-Soy beans and tofu

-DHA (a member of the omega-3 family) from microalgae capsules (make sure they don't use gelatin)

-Wakame (a type of seaweed) contains a substatial amount of EPA (a member of the omega-3 family) if you eat enough

-canola oil if the omega-3 isn't destroyed in the refining process or by storage

-eggs from hens that were feed flaxseed contain DHA

LNA (alpha linolenic acid) is the most common omega-3 in vegetarian foods.. In our bodies LNA needs to convert to DHA and EPA if we don't get DHA and EPA directly from external sources (foods or suppliments). Consuming too much omega-6 makes this conversion inefficient. Most people in the US (especially vegans) tend to consume too much omega-6. So, it's important to limit omega-6 in the diet. Although omega-6 is essential in the diet consuming too much has drawbacks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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