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WOOSTER, Ohio - Charges of animal cruelty have been filed against the

owner of a pig farm, where prosecutors say the animals were hanged

before being slaughtered.

Ken Wiles was charged Tuesday with two counts of animal cruelty in

Municipal Court in Wooster. The farm's general manager Joe Wiles was

charged with six counts and employee Dusty Stroud was charged with two


The men were scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 30. If convicted, each

faces up to 90 days in jail on each misdemeanor charge.


The video, which aired on local television news, showed baby pigs

being thrown into bins and larger pigs being kicked and beaten.

"It didn't matter whether or not I was able to set foot on the farm.

Obviously, what was going on was disturbing. I just decided at that

point that somebody has to speak up for the voiceless," Forchione


California-based Humane Farming Association bought full-page

advertisements in area newspapers against the farm.


full story:
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