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Welcome one and all to the fifth(?) annual VeBo (VeggieBoards) awards. The VeBo Awards are a chance for us to give recognition to the members we value most on the boards. Categories this year include all but one of last year's awards in addition to four new board awards for a total of fourteen VeBos. The Veggie Awards relate directly to veg*nism whereas the Board Awards pertain to a member's contributions to VB.

Veggie Awards

1) The Friend of the Animals VeBo - This VeBo recognizes a member who makes a difference in the lives of animals above and beyond our diet.

2) The Food and Recipes VeBo - This award goes to a VBer who makes all of our lives more delicious.

3) The Diet and Health VeBo - This award recognizes the person who walks the walk, and encourages each of us to drink our B12 fortified soy beverage in the morning and eat our steamed kale every night.

Board Awards

4) The All Around VeBo - If you could only meet one VBer in person, this person would be the one.

5) The Bling Bling VeBo - This VeBo goes to the member whose avatars, profiles, and signatures always got it going on. In other words, this member's accouterments always catch your eye.

6) Best Questions VeBo - This is for the person who may not have all the answers, but his/her questions and intriguing original posts guide discussions to more interesting and insightful heights.

7) The Handy Helper VeBo - This goes to the VBer who's encouraged you in an Eat to Live or Hamster thread, or perhaps simply given you good advice on a computer problem. Where would you be without them?

8) The Home Away From Home VeBo - This member's much more like your parent than a random person on the internet. Their comforting posts and genuine concern make you feel at home.

9) The Prodigal VeBo - This person's hiatus is always too long; be it for school, summer vacation, or simply missing in action. The front door light is always on for their return.

10) The Scholarly VeBo - This award recognizes the member whose knowledge, wisdom, and intellect go far beyond their years.

11) The Silly Willy VeBo - This VeBo recognizes that funny and entertaining one among us who can lighten up that all-too-serious thread!

12) Caesar Vebo - Dedicated to the Supreme Ruler of arguments and debates, both inside and outside the Compost Heap

13) Punk Vebo - For the VBer with the most provocative / colorful / revolutionary ideas and arguments.

14) Camera Vebo - This VBer portrays their life in unique and interesting ways as demonstrated through their beautiful photographs, whether they are of personal portraits, pictures of their pets, or their daily meals.

Voting Instructions

Voting is by PM. If your screen name starts with a letter A-M send your vote to synergy. If your screen name begins with a letter N-Z send your vote to me, misq17. Please format your PM in the following manner:

1. John

2. Susie

3. Veggieman

4. Hot Mama

Only nominate one person for each category. If you wish to abstain from voting in a given category, just leave that number blank in your PM. To avoid confusion, please use full screen names, not nicknames or real names when voting. Results will be posted in January.

Thanks for playing and have a great new year!

Voting closes January 6!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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