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Welcome, ladies, gents, and everyone else, to the 2007 VeggieBoards Awards Ceremony. This years programming will differ slightly in process from past years. All of the winners will be announced simultaneously. At that time, they are all invited to storm the stage and join in some good wholesome fun - tofu wrestling.

Are you ready? Drum roll please! Announcing the winners of the 2007 VeBo Awards....

The final list is:

1)The Friend of the Animals VeBo

Winner: kpickell

Runner-Up: Irizary

2) The Food and Recipes VeBo

Winner: tofu-N-sprouts

Runner Up: kreeli

3) The Diet and Health VeBo

Winner: BarryLove

Runner Up: zoebird

4) The All Around VeBo

Winners: ~Brandon and AmySF

Runner Up: jeezycreezy

5) The Bling Bling VeBo

Winner: ~Wonder

Runners Up: jeezycreezy and Jessica Alana

6) Best Questions VeBo

Winners: IamJen, Ludi, Tesseract, and troub

7) The Handy Helper VeBo

Winners: froggythefrog and Joe

Runners Up: BarryLove and IamJen

8)The Home Away From Home VeBo

Winner: Life2k

Runners Up: ~Brandon, AmySF, and tofu-N-sprouts

9)The Prodigal VeBo

Winner: kreeli

Runner Up: Life2k

10) The Scholarly VeBo

Winners: gaya, misq17, and sevenseas

Runenrs Up: froggythefrog, Gnome Chomsky

11) The Silly Willy VeBo

Winner: jeezycreezy

Runner Up: ~Wonder

12) Caesar Vebo

Winner: sevenseas

Runner Up: remilard and Tame

13) Punk Vebo

Winner: Gnome Chomsky

Runners Up: Ebola, remilard, sevenseas

14) Camera Vebo

Winner: jenna

Runner Up: Oregon Amy

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I want to extend a big thank you to my co-organizer, synergy, whose help in collecting votes was invaluable and to everyone who voted.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award.

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Congrats to all.

<<did not prepare a speech

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Originally Posted by Indian Summer View Post

Congrats to everyone!

So was it a close race in any of the categories? Darn, I was probably just one vote away from VB fame yet again...
See now, that's just because misq turned down my idea for the "Jen's favorite VBer" category.


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Awwww Thanks everyone!
<blush blush>

*unfolds notes*

I want to thank my mamma, my daddy, the good Lord above, my publicist, my agent, my manager, all the boys in the band (you're great, guys, you really are!), and to all my fans out there who made it possible! I love you! Muah! *kisses statue*

(It's of a Golden Soybean, in case you didn't know).
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