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Nutritional info for vegan pizza?

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I am going to a restaurant tomorrow that serves vegan pizza. I looked up 'vegan pizza' on, where I have been tracking my diet, and it said it had 954 calories in a 7-inch pizza. That seems VERY high to me! It is a spelt crust, tomato sauce, vegetables and a sprinkling of vegan rice cheese. How can that be so many calories? It is higher than the dairy pizzas on the site, higher than sausage pizza! Is the database on my diet website wrong, or am I missing something here? How many calories do you think I should budget for this lunch?
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Really depends on what's on/in the Pizza, doesn't it?
As I said: vegetables, tomato sauce and vegan cheese, on a spelt crust. I just can't believe that would have 400 calories MORE than the same-sized pizza, with cheese and sausage and crap. I need to know by tomorrow what to put this in as. I hope someone can help
As I said: Vegetables. Tomato Sauce. Vegan Cheese. Spelt Crust. Anyone?
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Wow, it must really be late...I didn't even see that....*Rubs eyes* Oops...
The vegan pizza will be way healthier than a meat and dairy laden one. The cheese on an omni pizza such as a sausage one will contain so much fat and cholesterol, it will be way more unhealthy than your vegan alternative.

So, I wouldn't worry about it and just enjoy!
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