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Its no secret that the United States has a nursing shortage, one that promises to grow to alarming proportions. This shortage of allied healthcare professionals, especially nurses have a created a new boom to the nursing agency registry business, supplemental staffing agency for medical professionals, permanent placement medical recruiter, or starting a business in homecare and staffing pool. The medical staffing industry will continue to grow because of the upcoming baby boomers, and the current supply of nurses are dwindling. The average age for nurses are in the forties, and they are not being replaced by the new generations.

The time is now for entrepreneurs to start a nursing agency,nursing registry business, operate a homecare business, or as a medical recruiter or just become an independent healthcare contractor. And we can capitalize on this business by having a our own Nursing Agency, wherein we dont have to be a nurse just to start this business. All we need is the desire to be self employed to be able to tap into this multi billion dollar business. With this NEW 2006 Professional E-Book Edition of How to Start Your Own Nursing Agency will gain you vast insight to the nursing industry. This guide offers step by step business plans for setting up your own nursing business. A comprehensive guide covering all aspects of starting and successively running a healthcare business. Our product covers important legal considerations, marketing strategies, organizational structure, administrative needs and many more.

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