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Since there's already a list of the top 30 posters, I think that we should make a list of the top 30 most interesting posters. How about PM me with your vote (you can vote as many times as you want, but they all have to be for different people), and I'll tally those and put 'em up on a list. Have all your votes in by... hm... June 1.

What are you waiting for? Start voting!!


actually, you can also email me your votes because my PM box will be full!!


ok a little confusion. do either - PM or email. don't do both :)


Michael a sticky would be handy. This is the sort of thread that's gonna be lost because the replies are done via PM. Yea. So if you see this, then... sticky. Please.

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I've got two questions.

1- can I vote anonymously

2- what are the categorys.

May I suggest:

Most goodlooking male

Most goodlooking female

Most "cool"

Most "quality poster"

Best sluter

and ..... (there must be more)
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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