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if this is any help, here's something i found at

Panera (

This is one of my favorite places to eat at. They have a tendency to be vegetarian-friendly and healthy. I can definitely recommend this place.

They have a detailed list the ingredients of all their dishes, which they will gladly let you see if you request it.

Their Caesar Dressing, Combo Sauce, Signature Sauce, Horseradish Sauce all contain eggs. The Ancho Lime Sauce contains chicken fat.

The Corn & Green Chile Chowder contains ham. The Asiago Cheese Bisque contains chicken broth. The Forest Mushroom Soup contains chicken base. The Fire Roasted Vegetable Bisque contains chicken base. The French Onion has a beef base. The Broccoli Cheddar Soup contains a chicken base. The Baked Potato Soup contains bacon. The Creamy Country Asparagus Soup contains milk products and Tabasco sauce.

They have a great selection of baked breads, a selection of veggie sandwiches, soups (they indicate which ones on vegetarian) and a great selection of exotic salads.

Usually there is a selection of at least one vegetarian soup, which is usually either vegetarian black bean soup, which is really good and reasonably priced, or the Garden Vegetable Soup. They clearly mark on their menu board which soups are vegetarian.

The French bread contains eggs.
i've never been there, but from their website, it looks like a pretty easy place for you to eat.

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