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  • I am Vegan, and only buy organic when possible.

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  • I am Vegan, and sometimes buy organic.

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  • I am Vegan, and don't care about buying organic.

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Not just Vegan...but Organic Vegan?

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Who here is not only a vegan, but does one's best to also buy only organic products? I know people are vegan for different reasons (ethics, health, environment, etc), and I know vegans for whom organics don't mean anything. But the pesticide issue raises issues with all three: ethics, health, and environment, and so I would appreciate your participation in the poll above.
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I voted sometimes.

I realize, as I hope some of you do, that getting the ORGANIC Certified label is not an easy task, even for growers that aren't using pesticides. I live in Farm country. So, even if it isn't labeled organic and priced $5 more, depending on the grower, I can tell if it is pesticide laden.

As a vegan we already research the ingredients thoroughly on everything we buy. I will buy the "purer" ingredient item before I care if it is labeled organic. Does that make sense? Now that I am vegan, I hardly put any type of "chemicals" in my body anymore. If I don't recognize the ingredient, I don't buy it or eat it.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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