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  • I am Vegan, and only buy organic when possible.

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  • I am Vegan, and sometimes buy organic.

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  • I am Vegan, and don't care about buying organic.

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Not just Vegan...but Organic Vegan?

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Who here is not only a vegan, but does one's best to also buy only organic products? I know people are vegan for different reasons (ethics, health, environment, etc), and I know vegans for whom organics don't mean anything. But the pesticide issue raises issues with all three: ethics, health, and environment, and so I would appreciate your participation in the poll above.
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I think he meant to say "buy only organic" instead of "only buy organic."

I could be wrong.
I'd guess that 90% of what I eat is organic.
I'm not sure that organically grown food is tecnically vegan.... I discorvered this to my horror when a group of friends and I took on an allotment to grow vegetables a few years ago.

One day a couple of sacks full of fish blood and guts arrived at the allotment. My friends planned to dig this into the soil to feed the vegetables!!! I later found out that slaughter house by-products are commonly used as fertilizer. As is animal manure, which we perhaps would not have in such abundance if it weren't for the dairy industry.

Anyway, here is an interesting link I found about vegan organic farming:
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Originally Posted by kpickell View Post

What's the difference?
"I buy only organic food" means 100% of your food is organic.

"I only buy organic when..." means you buy organic food under certain conditions.

I forget what this is called in grammar.
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