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  • I am Vegan, and only buy organic when possible.

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  • I am Vegan, and sometimes buy organic.

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  • I am Vegan, and don't care about buying organic.

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Not just Vegan...but Organic Vegan?

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Who here is not only a vegan, but does one's best to also buy only organic products? I know people are vegan for different reasons (ethics, health, environment, etc), and I know vegans for whom organics don't mean anything. But the pesticide issue raises issues with all three: ethics, health, and environment, and so I would appreciate your participation in the poll above.
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By the way, by 'when possible' I don't just mean when the organic product is available, but also assuming one has the financial resource to pay the higher price, if relevant.

In other words, if money were no object, and organics were widely available.
I couldn't log into VB for most of yesterday because the site appeared to be down. Was that universal or just my local server?
I never buy organic corn, because every time I have, it has tasted bad in some parts. There is a quality-control issue, for sure. I wish that money were no object, as Jeezy Creezy says, so that I could have my own veganic plantation.
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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