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hooooooooo boy. this is scary. some crazy new virus is spreading all over Ontario. the first i heard of it was when i lived in the toronto area, hospitals started shutting down temporarily when staff and patients were all getting sick, then it spread to schools and businesses. i moved from that area just in time, as it spread into our city the week i moved.

but nooooooowww, the city i moved to is being hit by the virus right now. a hospital in a nearby town was shut down with "a stomach bug" and the plant my roommate works at is being affected. nobody here has admited that this is what it is, but we'll only fall for "stomach bug" for so long before the city figures it out and starts panicking.

anyway the symptoms are:

nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headache,

myalgia, malaise and low-grade fever

they say though the symptoms are flu-like, the difference is that if you get it, you get ALL the symptoms, and all severely, whereas the flu is kinda more random. plus the norwalk virus is more easily spread and stays active in the air and on surfaces much longer.

apparantly this started up 30 years ago in Norwalk, Ohio

hence the name, but i've never heard of it til it hit toronto.

here's a release :
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