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<div class="quote-block">With only a small bridge in between, two totally different worlds unfolded in the Banpo area in southern Seoul on Thursday night. On the Floating Island on the Han River, the venue of FENDIs fashion show, about 1,000 guests chatted pleasantly over cocktails. Just a few hundred meters away in Hangang Park, about 200 animal rights activists angrily chanted No Fur! No FENDI! As expected, FENDIs second big show in Asia after the 2007 show at the Great Wall of China not only attracted fur-friendly consumers but also hundreds of anti-fur protesters.<br><br>
While about half of the 50 models strutted down the catwalk decked in fur coats and vests, a model dragged a fake fur item dipped in blood red paint across a huge piece of white fabric with the word FENDI written on it.<br><br>
When performers hired by FENDI banged on drums to spice up the after-party, the activists across the bridge upped the volume of the video featuring animals shrieking as they were skinned alive.<br><br>
Several actresses and models from Hong Kong, China and Japan, including Zhang Ziyi and Hana Matsushima, were seen at the show but Korean celebrities were nowhere to be seen. Several celebrities, including singer Lee Hyo-ri, had voiced opinions against the event by retweeting mentions of the harm in wearing fur.<br><br>
No Korean celebrities came to the show, which means that they knew what the public sentiment was. I am hoping that they will make less appearances in fur items from now on. I also hope that Seoul City and other government organizations will be more cautious in holding such events, Park So-yeon, head of Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth which led the protest, told The Korea Herald.</div>
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