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I belong to another group (have for about 7 years) and a couple of the women are doing Eat to Live. I've gone total veg, but they're doing the diet so I talk to them about it. I posted something about my weight loss (I've lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks just by cutting out animals!) and of course a million unhelpful omni's hone in on my thread to say things like "I'd like to lose a few lbs, but I wouldn't go vegan. Where would I get protein?" "OMG, why? What would you eat?" "Do you just eat salad?" "I could give up meat but never cheese and milk. I love cheese. Cheese cheese cheese!" "I could never do that, my doctor recommended meat for my anemia!"

So I was responding to the anemia person with "I read that iron from plant sources has better absorption." another woman came in to correct me (while they discuss pork chop recipes in another thread).
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