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When animal rights activists threatened two weeks ago to protest, the Seoul government had demanded that Fendi drop fur from the catwalk or risk the show's being canceling altogether.
Fendi at that time had already poured in big bucks to prepare for the show, as well as sent invitations out to worldwide celebrities such as Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.
For the Seoul government, the Fendi show was a part of a string of celebrating events to promote a new culture center, the Floating Island, built on a man-made island on the Han River.
It weaved in perfectly with Seoul's aspiring image as Asia's center of design.
After behind-the-doors negotiation, Fendi compromised and took some fur out, instead including more items such as bags, shoes and accessories.
The show was on.
That's progress at least. Just goes to show that public opinion really does make a difference when enough people are passionate enough.
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