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No animal ingredients...but not vegan?

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I emailed Aldi about their Chef's Cupboard lentil soup because the last ingredient was "natural flavor" and I wanted to make sure that didn't mean "natural cheese flavor" or "natural chicken flavor."

I got an email back saying the soup was "not vegan." Okay, then, I assumed it had animal derived products in it.

Then I got a telephone call today where they said the soup had no animal sourced or derived ingredients.


The only thing I can think of it's that it's a cross-contamination thing, which is not something that I worry about. Any thoughts?
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I've had a similar experience at Whole Foods Market lately. The people in their Fresh Bakery department (where they slice and sell the fresh breads) have lately been saying that they have NO vegan breads. However, some of their breads don't show any animal products. I think they are trying to prevent phone-screaming and lawsuits.
Does it have sugar in it? Sometimes places will do this when there is bone char sugar. Usually I take thing that don't list animal ingredients as "vegan enough" although I know there is a chance that something could be lurking in the natural flavors.

You can write back and ask which ingredients are not vegan, but it might be futile as often the customer service people are not very well informed about the products.
Seems to me Aldi changes ingredients. I shop mostly at Aldi, and buy the same things, but still check. There pie crusts used to have lard-- I kept looking- now they have vegetable shortening!

Those 'natual ingrediants' group needs to be regulated. There are times I disregard it rather than get OCD
Guinness beer has no animal ingredients when you buy it but it's still not suitable for vegans because of the products used during the manufacturing process. And so clearly, ingredients alone do not determine the veganicity of a product.
Sugar wasn't listed on the can, but it is listed online at fooducate. Perhaps it's been reformulated?

I thought about just letting it go, but then I thought, why not see if I can be the squeaky wheel reinforcing that there's a market out there for better labeling and items without animal ingredients.

I feel a bit hypocritical worrying about a tiny additive when I was eating lots of meat and cheese so recently, but I'm striving to grow.
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