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From: New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance

Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 7:21 AM

Subject: Help Leaflet on 9/24: "Neuter Longstreet FarmAnimals!"

NJARA is forwarding this alert. For further information about this subject, please contact Suzanne Dragan at [email protected].



September 4, 2006

Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, NJ is an 1890's-style farm owned and managed by the Monmouth County Park System. Each Spring, baby animals are born and played with by the visiting public. Each year friendly humanized animals that interact with the public are sent to slaughter. Last week, 8 male lambs were brought to Godek's Slaughter Facility in Marlboro. This is unacceptable. In the past, Longstreet Farm management said that the baby animals are a draw and that children like seeing them. This is not so, children and adults are traumatized knowing that the animals they play with are to be killed. (See below)**

The Solution: The Longstreet Farm veterinarian can simply neuter their male animals. Bird eggs can be removed prior to hatching to control the animal population. Allow all the animals to live out their lives at the farm.

Please take action today to stop Longstreet Farm breeding animals for public enjoyment only to be slaughtered:

1. Write and call.

Monmouth County Freeholders, Hall of Records Annex, 1 East Main St., PO Box 1255, Freehold, N J 07728, Phone:732-431-7310. Tell them how you and your children feel about the 8 lambs. Tell them you want Longstreet Farm animals neutered and bird eggs removed. Tell them you do not need to see/play with baby animals and do not want any animals sent to slaughter.

**Here is what one Mother who learned of this practice said:

"I'm a concerned citizen of Holmdel, NJ (Monmouth Cty.) I am a frequent visitor to Longstreet Farm, a living history site which my children love. They have bonded with the historical farm's animals, including sheep, horses, and pigs. However, the other day two employees were talking about the lambs, who were all born this spring. One of them confided in the other that the male lambs were"leaving" on Wednesday. I have spent enough years at the farm to understand that when animals leave Longstreet Farm they are leaving to be slaughtered. Sure enough, when I checked the farm today (Wed., August 23) about eight of the lambs were missing. All males. I am horrified that such a cruel "disposal" of innocent animals is taking place at an otherwise wonderful historical site. Why on earth do they breed animals only to die? What kind of management is allowing such a thing to take place? I don't know if there is enough time to save the group of lambs that were shipped off today. I hope there's still time. I know they are sent to a man with the surname of Godek, who apparently is also the man who "takes care of" the piglets who leave Longstreet Farm. Please do something about this horrific slaughter of innocent animals."

2. SAVE THIS DATE: 9/24/06

Longstreet Farm Harvest Home Festival on Sunday, September 24, 2006 11am to 5pm. Volunteers are needed to leaflet and alert the attendees to the slaughtering tradition of Longstreet Farm. Bring children! Children volunteers will also get passes to Popcorn Park Zoo Refuge, a place where these 8 lambs could have lived out their lives. Please email Suzanne Dragan at [email protected] if you can leaflet even for just one hour.
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