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So, the bf and I went to dinner last night at an Omaha institution called the Dundee Dell. The Dell is pretty much known for fish and chips and beer.

Anyhow, they moved locations a couple of years ago and have since revamped their menu. I figured I'd probably be eating a salad and some fries or something, which was fine with me b/c I wasn't all that hungry. But! I was very pleasantly surprised to find not only a number of vegetarian items on the menu (and not the standard grilled cheese crap), but even a VEGAN PLATE! Yes, they had the vegan section prominently displayed on the menu in a little box. There were 3 selections and the vegan plate consisted of all 3--spicy lentils with vegetables, brown rice pilaf, and vegetables topped with a cucumber/curry kind of sauce. Mmmm! I was absolutely amazed to find something like that, especially in Nebraska. The best part--under the heading VEGAN PLATE, they wrote "Guaranteed to satisfy vegans and carnivores alike."

Anywho, just wanted to share. Usually I have restaurant horror stories--this was a nice change of pace.
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