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Hi everyone!

I was a vegan in my teens when i lived in Alabama. I lost lots of weight and felt good, but as time went on as I grew up and lost track of things and had bouts of depression and before I knew if I was eating everything and over weight. I married and now live in NY.

I have been doing the Atkins diet the past few months off and on. To be honest is is just sickening. I honestly dont think God intended for us to eat that amount of fat, it just can t be healthy. It really effected me because I had to stop eating the fruit I loved and the veggies I loved had to be limited.

Just thinking about being a vegetarian makes me feel better and more harmonious with nature.

I also feel I need to get rid of the "fate food", I have been eating way to much of it.

Well thats my far.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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